The company DBS Konsel Security Service is a reliable partner in the development of security solutions according to the needs of each customer. With more than ten years of experience during which constantly has increased the number of companies and institutions with which we have had fruitful cooperation and by increasing product portfolio.

By constant optimization of our own organization, adoption of international business standards and training of personnel we get the optimal solutions in the field of security systems, with which we can guarantee the quality of the protection of property of companies and persons, long-term exploitation and proper maintenance, with own powers.


Customer requirements and trends in the market have led DBS in this composition today to havethree parts which are producing:
- Security solutions
- Logistics solutions
- IT solutions
Many years of experience in working on challenging projects brought a large base of knowledge that enables us at every client at first to view business processes and perform a quality evaluation of the current situation, as well as to identify potential risks and threats to property, work processes and employees of the client.

Our advantage on the market we think is because we know well the equipment of more reputable world manufacturers and we are guided by principles that every our proposed solution:
- provides the necessary level of protection to the client
- must be flexible
- must be economical
Today it is not optimal individually to introduce systems of technical protection, without considering the broader picture. By reducing the costs of the customer, reducment of the risk in certain business segments is achieved by good planning, by integration of individual systems which will be controlled from one place.
The aforementioned is achieved by:
- centralized control
- current insight into the validity, as well as all other system parameters to be monitored
- the ability tof fast reaction

After making and selection of the whole solution it moves to the next phase of the project - implementation of the project on the ground:
- installation and assembly of the equipment
- programming, functional testing and commissioning
- creation of project and other technical documentation
- delivering of the system to user and training for proper use

After delivering of the system to user on managing, DBS with its own employees, remains present and provides full technical support and maintenance during the warranty and post-warranty period, regardless of where the customer is located.

In addition, in cooperation with customers, we working on the collection of data about the system during operation and if there is a need we give suggestions for further optimization of the system, respecting all working processes and procedures of the customer.

Through the dedication of our employees to find new and high-quality solutions, constant training of employees and DBS as a whole, we strive to contribute to the quality of work and increase the security of our clients.